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Towner In Peru - The High Puna
When There Was No Pope
When The Russians Wouldn't Play
When There Were No Shadows
Who Are the Watchers?
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When There Was No Pope

Whirlwind Volume I

In 1917, three children received three mystic visions from a mysterious Lady on a hill near Fatima, Portugal. Sixty years later, in 1977, one of those children, Lucia, had a secret meeting with the man who would become Pope John Paul I. He left the meeting “shaken”. That meeting set the stage for the events of this serio-comic novel of conspiracy and intrigue.

A year later, in September of 1978, Donald Towner, ne’er-do-well ex-machine gun salesman and failed management consultant, begins a dangerous journey.  A shocking letter from a British peer, a gruesome murder at Rosslyn Chapel, a mysteriously dead pope, an international conspiracy of secret societies – Each revelation draws Towner closer to the mystery at the heart of it all:  The Whirlwind.

Hapless Towner is enlisted by an old friend – editor for Jack Kerouac, Thomas Pynchon and John Steinbeck and mentor to Jackie Kennedy.  Jackie, just starting at Doubleday, has received a book query stating that a well known British Lord knows “a secret cancer at the core of the Church.”  Towner must solve a murder and an international conspiracy before he learns the ancient secret that may have caused the death of Pope John Paul I.

Towner tumbles down the rabbit hole to discover secrets of the Templars, Rennes-le-Chateau, Satan worshipers and a secret society bent on sowing global jihad.  Behind it all is the ultimate secret of The Whirlwind.

An existentialist detective with a cynical wit or an anti-hero screw-up?  A novel or a memoir?  Towner’s first person novel provides a rare look at the end of the ‘70’s and the seeds of our current terrorist threat. 


Meet Jackie Kennedy, the members of P2, Richard Nixon, Jimmie Carter, Bert Lance, Sir Anthony Blunt, The Happy Hooker, and many others, famous, notorious or just plain funny.  Names of the latter were changed to protect us all from lawsuits.

Is this is the way it happened?  Is this a “pre-quel” to Holy Blood, Holy Grail?Coming soon:  The Whirlwind:  Volume II:  When the Russians Wouldn’t Play, set in Los Angeles in 1984.

When There Was No Pope is Volume I of a three book series set in true events at key points in our recent history

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